Becoming an APSA Member

APSA represents all Members of the Technical Staff (MTS) who are non-supervisory MTS level I, II, and III. This group is the bargaining unit. In 1974 some members of the bargaining unit chartered APSA under the National Labor Relations Act to gain legal rights to impact compensation, benefits and working conditions. You can join APSA by becoming a dues-paying member. Because of APSA you are a �just cause� employee not an �at will� employee.
There are two categories of membership in APSA. You can become a regular member, which provides full voting rights on contracts, as well as the ability to run for positions on the APSA board. Associate membership provides a mechanism for those who are not non-supervisory MTS (managers, staff or retirees) to support APSA. = In addition, as an Associate Member, you receive bulletins and other important literature from APSA. APSA cannot legally represent Associate members, but we are always available to help those with workplace issues. 
All officers and area representatives work on a volunteer basis to keep costs low. That way APSA uses all income to assist employees in a multitude of ways. Examples of expenses paid with dues are:
  • Legal expenses for interactions with the company in negotiations, grievances, etc.
  • An hour of attorney consultation for employees with clearance issues
  • Publishing bulletins to keep the membership and sometimes the full bargaining unit up to date on current issues and meetings
  • Refreshments and incentives for attendance at quarterly general membership meetings
  • Cost to send a representative to bi-annual meetings of the Council of Engineers and Scientists Organizations (CESO) in Washington, D. C. (subsidized by CESO)
  • Etc.

Full Membership

Dues for Full Membership are $169.00 per year. You can choose to be billed quarterly, semi-annually or annually Full Membership Form (Word Document)
Full Membership Form (PDF)

Associate Membership

Dues for Associate Membership are $58.50 per year. You can be billed annually or semi-annually Associate Membership Form (Word Document)
Associate Membership Form (PDF)
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