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Executive Officers

Title Name Office Mail Stop Phone Email
President Mark Simpson D8/3759C M4-935 310-336-0159 mark.m.simpson@aero.org
Secretary Oliver F. Blackshire D8/3723 M4-021 310-336-7983 oliver.f.blackshire@aero.org
Second Vice-President James Bockman Tower 2/22F20D CH1-520 703-808-4272 james.f.bockman@aero.org
Treasurer Richard W. Mahoney D8/3357A M4-933 310-336-2343 richard.w.mahoney@aero.org



Title Name Office Mail Stop Phone Email
Officer-at-large Aaron B. Albrecht 271/B3-213 M5/576 310-336-2286 aaron.b.albrecht@aero.org
Officer-at-large Andrew S. Feistel A8/2121E M8-692 310-336-2131 andrew.s.feistel@aero.org
Officer-at-large Thomas R. Essenpreis 270/A2-147 M5/562 310-336-9279 thomas.r.essenpreis@aero.org
Officer-at-large Robert G. Harry A8-1021F M8/285 310-336-6215 robert.g.harry@aero.org
Officer-at-larger Vishnu Jyothindran 271/B4-204 MS-641 310-336-3160 vishnu.jyothindran@aero.org



Title Name Office Mail Stop Phone Email
Negotiations, Policy and Practice Review Mark M. Simpson D8-3759C M4/935 310-336-0159 mark.m.simpson@aero.org
Diversity and Harassment Suzanne M. Dawes D8-2729E M4/946 310-336-5643 suzanne.m.dawes@aero.org
Grievances Thomas R. Essenpreis D10/244H M10/500 310-336-9279 thomas.r.essenpreis@aero.org


Area Representatives

Title Name Office Mail Stop Phone Email
Representative for Colorado Springs, Colorado Steven J. Benkufski COS-1/1120 COS/1100 719-375-6622 steven.j.benkufski@aero.org
Representative for Eastern Test Range Currently Vacant        
Representative for Albuquerque, NM Sabrina L. Herrin Kirtland AFB A4/413 505-853-5830 sabrina.l.herrin@aero.org
Representative for Mid-Atlantic Region Connie A. Kosmann GRS3/2020 CH3/230 571-304-3706 connie.a.kosmann@aero.org
Representative for Omaha, NE Thomas A. Schwendtner Offutt AFB OMA 402-294-6334 thomas.a.schwendtner@aero.org
Representative for Western Test Range Currently Vacant        

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